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We need more apps like this one!

Balloon has been my best friend for the past few months! It’s easy to use and pretty straight-forward in showing how my gut works. I am surprised to learn how my gut actually follows a certain routine (what I eat, how much sleep I get, etc.), thanks to this app!! Will keep using it and definitely recommend for people who has the same struggle.

Ruiqiu Ra

5 🌟🌟

Absolutely love this app! It's made tracking my bowel movements surprisingly fun and informative !!


Intuitive and easy to use

I love how easy it to use the app and all the useful and accurate information that it provides. Feels like a pleasant educational journey ☺️


great app!

Balloon is the perfect app for keeping tabs on your gut vibes! Super easy to use, it tracks your restroom activities ;) + gives you nice tips and info. Recommend!


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